Topic: Tech Tips

Boxes, Baggies, And Egg Containers

Whenever I build a new model or rebuild an older one, I always make sure to keep track of the parts. Foam egg containers work nicely for the small parts, screws, bearings, diff balls etc. I also keep a nice selection of smaller pencil/cigar boxes around for suspension arms and other larger parts. Sandwich baggies come in pretty handy too.

Nylon Stocking And A Shop Vac

Did you drop that tweezer sized clip in the carpet? Slide a piece of nylon stocking over the end of your shop-vac and tape it in place. Then sweep the area where you think you lost that little bugger and it will be sucked into the nylon. Just remember to grab it or place the nylon over a paper plate before you turn off the suction. Otherwise you’ll be starting over.

Electrical Tape Container Storage

Electrical tape containers are good for storing wire in. You can even cut a small hole in the side to allow pulling the wire out as needed. Of course they work great for storing small parts too.

Clean Your Transmitter

Keep your transmitter clean and free of dust and oil. The oil can cause the chrome to come off or
become pitted and dust just looks bad. A toothbrush works perfectly for cleaning out the small crevices.