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New Section Added – Contributed Galleries

Here at, I love to see models built by others. I have added a section called Contributed Galleries so I can help you share your photo galleries with others. I would love to see your creations and will happily add them to this site if you send me some information.

RC10 Real Racing Tube Chassis Solidworks Project


Way back in the late 80’s, a small company called Real Racing introduced the Tube Chassis for the Gold Chassis RC10. It was handmade and there were to be approximately 375 made, but the actual number completed and sold is probably rather low. It is an extremely rare find for the avid collector and only a few examples can be found. My project is to create a similar style chassis in an advanced 3D CAD program called Solidworks. Using this drawing, I want to construct a few actual chassis and possibly sell a few. For now though, this project sits unfinished as I work on finishing my new garage which will have a small shop area for metal fabrication.

My drawings still need a few more pieces. Body panels will be need to be designed as well. For now the project is stagnant, but hopefully I will find time to execute a few nice builds. Check out my latest progress HERE.

Boxes, Baggies, And Egg Containers

Whenever I build a new model or rebuild an older one, I always make sure to keep track of the parts. Foam egg containers work nicely for the small parts, screws, bearings, diff balls etc. I also keep a nice selection of smaller pencil/cigar boxes around for suspension arms and other larger parts. Sandwich baggies come in pretty handy too.

Nylon Stocking And A Shop Vac

Did you drop that tweezer sized clip in the carpet? Slide a piece of nylon stocking over the end of your shop-vac and tape it in place. Then sweep the area where you think you lost that little bugger and it will be sucked into the nylon. Just remember to grab it or place the nylon over a paper plate before you turn off the suction. Otherwise you’ll be starting over.

Electrical Tape Container Storage

Electrical tape containers are good for storing wire in. You can even cut a small hole in the side to allow pulling the wire out as needed. Of course they work great for storing small parts too.