Topic: Radio system tips

Clean Your Transmitter

Keep your transmitter clean and free of dust and oil. The oil can cause the chrome to come off or
become pitted and dust just looks bad. A toothbrush works perfectly for cleaning out the small crevices.

Waterproof Your Electronics Without Silicone

Waterproofing your batteries and receiver should be done with balloons and rubber bands. Some tape around the Rx case helps seal the halves together. Never use Silicone sealant for sealing your gear as the fumes released during curing will eat copper!

Antenna Wire Wrap Up

Your receiver antenna wire is a finely tuned part of the radio system. To keep your radio at peak performance and to maintain proper range, never cut the wire shorter. You can wrap it around a piece of lexan to take up the slack, but don’t wrap it over itself as this can cause glitching and loss of range.

Also, never wrap the excess hanging out of your antenna tube around the tube as this will cause problems too. A few small pieces of fuel line will hold it tight against the tube so you can run it straight down the tube and keep it from flapping in the breeze. For more permanent set-ups, heat shrink tubing works great and provides additional protection during crashes.

Pull Servo Connector Out Of Receiver

Pulling connectors out of the receiver can be a real pain. If you pull the wires you might damage the connector. Instead, get an old pair of tweezers or fine tipped pliers and bend the end 90 degrees. This lets you grab the connector and pull it out easier.

I don’t usually bend my pliers, but you may want to.