Team Associated Nitro TC3 (NTC3) (lot 1)


I bought this Nitro TC3 from a good friend who was leaving the hobby. I do not have time to run this monster, but you might. It has the 2-Speed, an O.S. .18 TZ engine with a racing pipe on it. Should easily hit 65mph.


I haven’t run this model, but I have looked it over pretty well. Everything looks and feels right. There are no broken parts and the engines have good compression. The R/C system will need installed. I am including a FM system from my HPI 5B because this model was on a transmitter with many others. It is way overpowered and should poer slide or drift with no problem. In fact, it is probably very hard to control with all the power on-board. I know because I own several of these, but none have an engine this powerful. I can barely drive a regular .18 and I have no need for this .18TZ. It is Race Quality, but I don’t want to mess with a starter box.

The 2-Speed and 4WD make this car pretty nimble. These cars can be dangerous because of their speed, so responsible operation is very important. Make sure you and your buddies stay on a curb so no one gets their ankle cut off.


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Body On Car

The body has taken a few serious hits on the front end, but is still good enough to run and look cool. At 60+mph, it’s just a blur anyway!



Here you can see the damage caused when connecting with a stationary object! This thing requires a smooth hand to drive, and lots of open pavement.


Over the Front

You can pretty much see the Front end is intact. When repairs were made, only new factory parts were used. It is in great shape right now with no broken parts and many new parts.


Over the Rear

Here you can see the battery wrapped in tape. This is to prevent it from shorting out on anything. The servo horns need attached with the screws inside the radio box. The linkage might need a little tuning, but I cannot remember for sure.


Engine and 2-Speed

Wow! That engine cost a fortune. It is the .18TZ by O.S. and it makes nearly 3HP. Run this through the 2-Speed unit and Voila! 65mph!

I have never run this engine, but it is used. It has good compression and was running fine for my buddy when he mashed his other NTC3. You will have to tune it up and set the 2-speed shift point since it has just been installed on this


Exhaust Wrap

Here you can kinda see the exhaust heat wrap I installed. The purpose is to keep the exhaust gas HOT until it leaves the pipe. Hotter gases flow much better than cool gases. Better flow makes the engine run better. It will smoke a bit the first few times you run it because it is new and might have a little oil on it.


Transmitter and Fan

This is an HPI FM 3Ch Transmitter. It is from my HPI 5B and is in very good condition. Range is good, but you should verify this before running the car.

The fan is for performance too. With strong airflow for it’s size, it allows you to lean out the engine without overheating. This adds about 25% more power.

CLICK HERE to learn about powering, mounting, and caring for this Small Size Fan


Fail-Safe Receiver

The receiver has Fail-Safe built-in. This returns the throttle to a preset position in the event radio signal is lost. You need this for Nitro models! It is 27Mhz FM and has excellent range with no glitches. I never had a glitch while running my 5B with it.

The 3rd Channel can be used to turn lights on/off, adjust the needle valve, or whatever. These require special parts, but the extra channel could do this stuff.


Starter Box

This box has a power wire, but it needs alligator clips put on. It hooks up to a 12V Car Battery or a pair of 7.2V R/C Car packs. You may need to adjust it to align with this car’s engine flywheel. I have never used it myself.


Tires and Stuff

There are 3 pairs of extra foam tires included with this car. The glow plug igniter should work fine. The blue shock bodies are yours to install if you want too. And the fan is the same one pictured above.


Original Team Associated AE .15 Engine

This is the original pull start .15 engine that is in good shape. It might need cleaned, but it has good compression. I have never run it myself, so you may need to tune the needles. Looking at the pictures, you can see it is pretty clean.



This model was SOLD on March 29, 2010 for $225.00 to a fellow R/C modeler.

Additional Information:

NTC3 - Manual - Download (10.9 MiB)
NTC3 - Exploded View - Download (316.0 KiB)
TC3 - Tuning Notes - Download (1.5 MiB)