Team Associated B4 with Blue Flame Paint


This is my Team Associated B4 Factory Team Edition Buggy. It is 2 Wheel Drive and is a World Champion. I bought this buggy planning from the start to be a shelf queen. With an idea for some paint, and a bit of cash, I got it done. Right now there are no electronics in it, but that’s ok. I did install some to test it and make sure everything worked properly in a short test run.

I have another buggy just like this one that has a Mamba Max 5700 Brushless system in it, and it’s really hard to keep the front end planted. It is a very agile and responsive buggy which can handle horrible crashes that have destroyed most other similar models from other manufacturers. I have flipped it over at nearly 50mph and it slid for 40ft or more before smacking the curb. I simply walk over and kick it onto its wheels, and away it goes. A little scraped up, but solid and running perfectly.

Team Associated has a rich history of World Champion buggies, and this model is no exception. In fact, the design is so good that they haven’t changed it in many years and still win World Championships with it.

The paint on this particular model was alot of work. To do it, I first applied Liquid Mask on the inside of the body ith a paintbrush. I put about 4 coats to make sure I had it masked good. Then, I started drawing on the outside of the body with a Sharpie to get an idea of how the final flames would look. The body had a clear overspray protection film on it, so the sharpie didn’t hurt the final product. When I messed up a little, I would use rubbing alcohol to remove the mistakes. Once a nice design had been drawn, I started cutting the inside mask with an xacto knife. Then, I peeled the blue sections out and painted it with a can of Pactra paint. Once that was dry, I removed the rest of the mask and used white to finish the job. The whole process took about 6 hours, but turned out very nice as you can see.

If you are considering buying a nice 2wd Buggy, this is the best you will find. You will be totally thrilled with one!

Additional Information:

B4 Factory Team - Manual - Download (3.5 MiB)
B4 Factory Team - Exploded View - Download (2.1 MiB)