Tamiya Clodbuster Custom


Here is a really nice chrome Clodbuster. This is Tamiya part # 58065 and has been heavily modified with lots of custom parts and upgrades. I purchased it for the body because I wanted to build a scaler, but the project never took off. So I sold it. It was alot of fun to look through and a real conversation piece.


Nearly every major component has been replaced with a chrome plated one. The body of this truck has a nice paint job with no chips in the paint (that I have noticed). There are working headlights, foglights, driving lights, and tailights with switches mounted neatly to the chassis. These lights are all powered by their own battery packs, but could easily be wired into 1 good rechargeable pack if desired. The side rearview mirrors are Aluminum and very slick looking.

The truck is powered using dual Black Magic motors and a Futaba MC210CB ESC with Reverse and appears to be wired properly to the switch that connects the motors in either parallel (for Power) or in series (for Speed). I would always use the power setting though cause I like POWER! I never even ran this truck because I do not have the right connectors to charge the battery. A 2 Channel Futaba R/C system handles the controls.

The chassis has been beefed up with an aluminum brace underplate which prevents the suspension arms from breaking the plastic chassis and coming loose (a common problem with early Clodbusters like this one).

All 4 rims are made of Machined Aluminum. These are real beauties. The truck has bearings throughout and all wheels and gearboxes run smoothly. The tires look brand new and have not been glued to the rims yet. There is a big adjustable aluminum hitch on the back of the truck for pulling a trailer or for competition. The front bumper and tailights are also machined aluminum. Very Nice!

This truck was SOLD on August 5, 2007 for $400.00 to a fellow R/C modeler.

Additional Information:

Tamiya #58065 Clodbuster - Manual - Download (11.4 MiB)
Tamiya #58065 Clodbuster - Exploded View - Download (7.6 MiB)