Tamiya Avante Original and Fully Polished


This is my Tamiya Avante (Tamiya Part # 58072). This is a very rare model which I bought on ebay in nearly perfect condition. I planned to take it over the top and make it a showstopper. I think I succeeded. I started by inspecting every single part on this buggy and ordered a few replacements (which took me almost a year to find). I them began the job of polishing every single metal part that could be found.

All in all I have about 80 hours of work in this model, but it was spread out over a years time from Summer ’05 to Summer ’06. Since I didn’t have the instruction manual at the time, and it was spread out over such a time period, I had to work on an assembly and then bag it together so I could eventually reassemble the whole thing later. Like the front left suspension was an assembly. I would polish and assemble all that I could, then bag it and label it. I would always take the polished parts out of the bags and stare at them in wonder. They were like pieces of jewelry.

It always takes me back in time looking at this model. When it first came out I was in 8th grade I think, and one classmate had one with 9 cells in it (so he said). I never got to see it, but heard from several others that it was the real deal. I wanted one Sooo bad, but couldn’t afford one. So, many many years later, I was able to buy one. I carefully picked a nice specimen, and planned the methodical and ultimate makeover. I got to investigate and enjoy every piece of this mechanical wonder, and it fulfilled a lifelong dream for me.

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These photos were taken immediately following completion of my work. I still enjoy looking through them, especially since I no longer own this Avante. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

This model was SOLD on August 20, 2006 for $559.99 to a fellow R/C modeler.
He also paid $85.00 for S/H to Hong Kong for a Grand Total of $644.99.

Additional Information:

Tamiya #58072 Avante - Manual - Download (6.7 MiB)
Tamiya #58072 Avante - Exploded View - Download (5.7 MiB)
Tamiya #50290 RX-540VZ Technigold Motor - Manual - Download (904.2 KiB)

History of the Tamiya Avante

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