“Dead Pool” Movie Radio Controlled Car


This is the actual car driven in the Clint Eastwood movie “Dead Pool”

This car was driven by Jay Halsey in the chase scene. This is one movie I watched repeatedly just to see the radio control car scene! It looks suspiciously like an early version of the DS. Very Cool.

I got these photos from Team Associated. They did not say who owns this car now, but it is the real deal. It has custom aluminum rims, narrow buggy front tires, velcro body mount system, and large scuff plates underneath to protect the body and help the car go fast over rough pavement.

The photo above and the following 5 photos are Copyright © Associated Electrics.

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Scenes from the Movie

I was longing to see the 2 scenes in the movie with this car, so I did some research. First, If you want to know more about the movie, Wikipedia has a pretty detailed page on it with lots of information. The movie was released on July 13, 1988, so the RC10 had been available to the public for about 5 years. One of the actors was Jim Carrey who played a singer named Johnny Squares. In the credits he was listed as James Carrey. For more neat facts, check out the Wiki article.

This video includes both scenes in which this model appeared. The first one was when it delivered explosives to a Mercedes Benz as the guy backed out of his driveway. This scene is about 1:25 long. Then, there’s the famous chase scene which lasts nearly 6 minutes. Notice at about 1:52 the kids playing on the sidewalk have an RC10 buggy! AWESOME!

I like the dramatic music in this old movie. And when the two R/C cars interfere with each other, well that would never happen today with these fancy radios we have now. Also notice how this electric car had nitro sounds added to it. When it is getting interference from the kids’ buggy, it has some pretty awesome automatic reversing for a nitro! Probably because it is NOT a nitro model. Neat though.

At about 5:50, this car pops a massive wheelie too! WOW! As if that guy driving it wasn’t awesome enough by piloting his full size car in a wild pursuit at the same time he was running that R/C car. He had to stop and make it pop a wheelie while he does a burnout in his full size car.

Anyway, this video is worth watching all the way through. I hope you enjoy!


Here are some frames from the movie that show this car a little better.

Above is the scene where the car is on the workbench and the bad guys are holding the explosives they will install into the car.


In the above frames, you can see the foil on the bumper. This was to give more shine to it like the real thing. Back then, there wasn’t any such thing as Spaz Stix Chrome paint!


So there it is. An icon in the R/C movie business. I hope you enjoyed reading about this car as much as I enjoyed writing about it.