Tenth Technology Predator X10


This is the Predator X-10 4wd Buggy. It was the most advanced R/C buggy anywhere in the world until the X-11 was released. These are only available in the UK (I think) and they are about $800 US new. I bought this one on ebay and had to special order parts to fix a few bad parts on it. When I tried to buy some more parts later, the company was gone, but I have since found one single source for parts and the new X-11 model. I don’t know if the place still exists now, but at least I got one before the vanishing.

This buggy is loaded with neat tricks. Looking at the pictures, you can see the shocks are mounted differently than any other buggy in this category. The layout is inspired by Formula 1 Racing and lowers the center of gravity for incredible handling. The X-10 also has a handmade carbon fiber driveshaft which is really light weight. The differential gears have the holes in a spiral design so the balls don’t rub the same circle of the diff rings. This makes diff rings last nearly forever and improves the smooth action of the diffs. Almost every single part on this model if unique, and a treasure.

So what did I do to this model? Well, I installed a Mamba Max 5700 Brushless system of course. I also installed a 3-cell (11.1v) Li-Po battery for some insane speed and power! With this much voltage and the super light weight of the ready to fly model, it should totally RIP! I haven’t run it yet for testing other than on the bench, but it did seem very smooth and quiet. At half throttle, the tires ballooned up and nearly ripped off the rims so I can only imagine what this thing will do on the street. 70mph wouldn’t be hard I’m sure. Very Scary Fast!

To wire this stuff up took ALOT of thinking and studying before it all came together. All wires are as short as possible and the Heavy Duty steering servo provides a little more security in case I do run it one day. The body is kinda crappy, but I have another one I plan to paint real nice, some day.

Additional Information:

Predator X10 - Manual - Download (1.5 MiB)