Team Associated TC3 All Aluminum with 1968 Camaro Body


Here’s a real nice piece of work. This TC3 is an exercise in spending. Almost every part has been replaced with a shiny Aluminum one. There is some polishing here, but most parts were bought with a nice chrome-like finish on them already.

It has taken just over a year to collect and assemble all of the right parts for this model. I have never run this one, but the previous owner of the chassis did. The wear patches on the bottom are still smooth and can only slightly be felt with a fingernail. The silver coating is very shallow making the chassis appear worse than it really is. I had to contact the manufacturer of the chassis to complete the side rails and standoffs. This is when I discovered that this chassis cost nearly $300 and is no longer made or stocked by the manufacturer.

I added fully polished Aluminum gearboxes, hex drive hubs, shocks, and a full set of matching body mounts. In these photos, there was one oddball mount, but that’s fixed now.

The HPI 1968 Camaro body is precisely painted and stickered as the full size one would be. To make it look correct to the period, I installed the matching rims and tires from HPI. The rear tires are slightly wider than the fronts and are beautiful replicas of the Crager SS style rims from the old days. The white racing stripes on the body required some research to get the right width and so that they stop in the right places front and rear. I also positioned the side marker lights and 396 emblem in the same spots as the real thing (I have a Real 1969 Camaro SS 396, so I know where the decals should be).

I hope you enjoy this model as much as I do!