Team Associated RC10 B3 Lot 1


I bought this RC10 B3 from a friend who was leaving the hobby. It was well maintained and and had many rare aluminum parts installed. Many of the other parts are RPM which are very durable. Lots of extras went with this lot to get running quick.


The charger and batteries need wiring modifications, but a huge lot of NEW Deans connectors and several feet of high strand count silicone wire are included. The motor in the car is a 12 turn Double (12×2) Trinity Diamond controlled by a Tekin 411-G2 ESC. A radio system is installed and ready to go. 2 Reedy Zapped packs are included and a Tekin BC112c Pulse charger is also included. The photos show everything that went with this model.

Body On Car

A Protoform body is included with the car. It’s in pretty good shape with no cracks or bad scuffs. It could use a cleaning though.


Aluminum Front End

This is a Blue Aluminum front bulkhead. No damage at all. A RPM mini bumper is on there with some minimal scuffing, but still has lots of life left in it. The shocks work smoothly and feel full of oil with no signs of leaking. Factory Team parts include titanium turnbuckles, graphite A-arms, and the graphite shock tower. Of course there are bearings installed as well.


Rear End Overview

That’s an aluminum tranny brace on there. The motor plate is Factory Team gear as are the shocks. The tranny has an RPM gear cover and blue aluminum screws installed. You can see the bent shock mounting bolt in this photo, and a new bolt with hardware is included so it can be repaired properly. The shocks work smoothly and feel full with no signs of leaking.


Motor and Electronics

The motor is a 12 turn Double (12×2) Speed Gems by Trinity and is in great shape. The Tekin 411-G2 ESC is a forward only racing grade unit and works perfectly. The receiver is a Futaba R142JE 75Mhz AM unit in good shape. No crystal or Transmitter is included.


Aluminum Hinge Pin Mount

Here is a photo of the aluminum hinge pin mount. This car is built to run and has durability upgrades throughout. This part is hard to find now, and is a major durability improvement over the stock part.


Under the Rear

More blue aluminum here too. The inner hinge pin mounts are RPM pieces along with the mini bumper. Low stress areas have blue aluminum screws. The photo shows the light scuffing from running.


Under the Front

A blue aluminum nose plate is installed and you can see the scuffing the RPM bumper has taken. It is still very thick though. The turnbuckles are Titanium Factory Team parts, and are installed throughout the buggy.


Batteries and Paperwork

Here’s the box for the ESC with all instructions and some stickers. The black heatsinks are optional High Performance pieces and there’s a tuning screwdriver there too.

The batteries seem good, but I haven’t run them. I checked their voltage and started a charge to test them. The stick pack is a 2400 matched Ni-Mh pack while the side by side pack is a Reedy Matched 3300 race pack.


Charger, Wire, and Deans Connectors

The charger works perfectly but needs connectors installed for your power supply and battery connector type. I am including a bunch of Sermos type connectors and 10 sets of my exclusive Deans Double Gold Plated connectors. You can setup your gear the way you want with all this stuff.



The bottom left of the display has some black in it, so I powered it up and started a charge to ensure it all works properly. This photo shows that all display elements work correctly.

The software version is h28 and is compatible with Ni-Cad and Ni-Mh cells. It features Power Flex charging which revives old cells very nicely. I have used this feature with excellent results for many years for racing batteries. It can usually increase the capacity of NEW cells with this Power Flex circuitry!


This model was SOLD on August 14, 2009 for $194.99 to a fellow R/C modeler.

Additional Information:

RC10 B3 - Manual - Download (2.8 MiB)
RC10 B3 - Exploded View - Download (940.4 KiB)